What a awesome Show you and Tim put on again. What a great and fun time.. The two of you work so hard and well together..You sang so well as did Tim.. Together the two of you were just wonderful and what fun I am sure everyone had a great time watching and listening ... You both are truely great guys as is Dave too ...( Can't forget the guy behind the drums ) Love how you all feed off one another and Entertain all of us.  Want to Thank you again and again... You, your family and crew and Tim's whole famliy for being the nice and loving people you are .. You can tell your love , heart and souls is in it for the cause. Everyone is touched by it... We all love you . You make the angels in heaven look over us and shine bright with a full rainbow of colors,as we all share one another friendships at your shows .. Thank you very much for everything you do .



My brother had "Elvis" for his daughter's bday party. He looked the part, sang the part, gave a suvioneer scarf, and everybody at the party absolutely loved him! He looked better than the Elvis who married my wife and I in Vegas! He is well worth the money and the memories!

Scott Saylor


To Rosie:

Brent kept Elvis alive for many of us but you helped keep Brent alive by your skillful management of his fan club. You did an outstanding job for which you don't get enough credit where credit is due. Even though the Fan Club is coming to an end we will never forget the marvelous work you did at each show and between the shows as well.You have had your share of troubles during the past year but you didn't let that slow you down and for that I salute you. I may start a Rose Gerardot Fan Club!!

 Ron Upton



Took my Mom to see your show for Relay for Life benet in VanWert Saturday. Never seen your show before and it was great!!! I can't Thank you enough for making my Mom feel very special that night. It was all about her that night and you made it even more memorable. She said to me right after you gave her the scarf, "Sis (that's what she calls me). I must be special cause I'm the only one who got a red scarf". :)) I didn't even notice that until she said something to me and I looked around. We all had a great time and of course my sister and daughter thought.  Tim was great in all ways:)) My Mom was laughing so hard when you kept losing your belt:)) You may have not seen Mom clapping a lot or raising her hands up and I want you to know, it had nothing to do with your performance or anyone. She was in some pain in her right shoulder and arm and could not really lift it. This is where the cancer is in her lymph node and up to her neck. I had asked her if we should leave and she said "heck no"! Actually she said a different word:)) Anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH for really taking the time out to say Hi to my Mom and making her feel so special Saturday night. You are truly one of God's angels sent to bless my mom during this time.  God Bless You!!! Keep up the Great Work and Keep Praising God!!!

Sandy Frick



Thank you so much for taking time to make my little daughter feel special, at your Christmas concert. She thoroughly enjoyed your show. She is still talking about you. You do a wonderful job. You have a new fan for life!

Mary Anne


Good morning Brent,

Saturday night was perfect! (Brent sang a few songs at my daughter’s wedding reception. Brooke has been an Elvis fan her entire life! I think she is an old soul.) Your appearance was a surprise to her and all attending. Great entertainment and great selection of songs! You are professional and a fun person to be with! Anyone thinking about hiring Brent for their own occasion will not be disappointed. Thanks Brent for a great evening!

Joe DiGregory





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