Brent's Blog - Steve Jobs

As you have no doubt heard by now, the world has lost Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs.  Why am I blogging about him and what does he have to do with my Elvis trlibute show.  Well, plenty actually.  I use many Apple products that Steve Jobs helped create in many aspects of my shows.  I design all my advertising (flyers, show schedules, business cards, set lists, etc.) on an Apple iMac.  The digital music I sing to is stored and shows planned out in iTunes on an iMac.  We often use an Apple iPod to play the music I sing to through my sound system.  I do most of my business (calls, emails, texting, etc.) on my Apple iPhone.  This very website was designed on an iMac.  My previous website was designed on an iMac using Apple iWeb software and published online by Apple.

So you see without Steve Jobs and his incredible technological breakthroughs and products, my shows would not be what they are today.  My job would be a whole lot more difficult and time consuming.

Thank you Mr. Jobs.  You will be missed.  May God bless and compfort your family and friends.